The Etiquette Seed

The Etiquette Seed teaches conflict resolution, peace building and problem solving skills to PreK-5th grade students through an innovative hands on Learning Garden that encompasses  core values of caring for our ourselves, each other and our earth. 

Why a Learning Garden?

Much like seeds need water, sunlight, and a nurturing environment to grow, children succeed both personally and academically when they learn how to cultivate and nurture relationships with their parents, siblings, teachers, peers and authority figures. Gardens can be beautiful and productive, producing vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers. But if weeds and pests overtake, they become ugly and useless. We use gardening as a teaching tool to gently remind children to be sewing positive traits in their own lives - seeds of honesty, respect, kindness, peacefulness and discipline. In this technology driven world, we believe in facilitating earth friendly learning opportunities for kids that reinforce classroom teaching. 

Why Teach Conflict Resolution? 
Many students lack basic skills necessary for solving and resolving daily conflicts with other students, adults, authority figures, etc.
Providing students with conflict resolution tools enables and empowers them to be more independent and highly functioning.
It also reduces teacher’s time “putting out fires”,
increases instructional time, promotes maturity, improves self confidence, and reduces tattling, bickering, and disruptions.

The Etiquette Seed's unique approach is student led and grounded in peer mediation. What happens when students learn to mediate their own conflicts instead of teachers, principals and parents? The results are much more effective, boosting self confidence and a sense of empowerment and purpose! In the same way that children love to take turns being the line leader and door holder, our program allows students to become mediators, facilitators and negotiators within their classroom, on the playground, and at home. ​By incorporating a fun, interactive Learning Garden, students will understand the importance of planting good seeds in their own lives that will help them succeed personally, socially and academically. 

- Wisdom of Confucius

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."