The Etiquette Seed

~ Fairy Garden Club ~ 

The fairy garden club is a bully free club for girls. Girls are encouraged to begin their own fairy garden clubs within their classrooms, signing a pledge to remain bully & clique free. The fairy garden club focuses on teaching girls life long values such as determination, honesty, justice, consideration, friendliness, responsibility, effort, gratitude, integrity, patience, tolerance, and polite assertiveness.

Individual fairy gardens, lesson plans & worksheets provided by The Etiquette Seed. 

Tuition: $50.00 per month (approx 4 classes)

Garden supply fee: $35.00 (per term)

Sibling Tuition: $40 tuition 

2/3/4's - 45 minute class weekly 

K-5th grade - 1 hour class weekly

Spring break & summer camp programs available. 

The Etiquette Seed offers the following programs: 

  • PreSchool - age 2
  • PreSchool - age 3
  • VPK - 4
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade
  • 2nd/3rd Grade
  • 4th/5th Grade
  • Home School Programs
  • Fairy Garden Club 
  • Garden Yoga

Our programs address important topics like: 

  • bullying & cliques
  • respect for oneself, parents, teachers, & authority figures
  • peer inclusion & cultural diversity
  • sensitivity to disability
  • peace-building & problem solving 
  • social & personal etiquette
  • mediation, facilitation and negotiation for win/win situations
  • good sportsmanship

For our younger students in the 2's/3's program, we reinforce topics such as: 

  • sharing & kindness
  • friendship, empathy & compassion
  • self confidence & independence
  • play time and social etiquette

Our learning specialists visit schools weekly for a 50 minute session, bringing a lesson plan with worksheets, books, a mini pot, soil and seeds/flowers for each child to participate in hands on learning about growing healthy seeds in their own lives. 

For schools that desire a built-in Learning Garden where teachers and students can conduct classroom lessons throughout the week, The Etiquette Seed can provide garden set up & maintenance with the option of facilitating the sale of produce and flowers grown by the students at local Farmers Markets or school festivals. 

Custom Garden Investment: $500+

Garden Yoga

Children enjoy practicing their animal poses during Garden Yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to get kids active, comfortable with centering themselves, focused on breathing & thinking good thoughts. Garden yoga is incorporated at the beginning & end of the 50 minute teaching session. 


Photo Credit: Wavehill & Joyful Birthday